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Jeonju Confucian School

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Jeonju Confucian School


Serial No. : Historic spot No. 379

Date of designation : 1987-12-01

Location : 560-033 102, Pungnam-dong 3-ga ,Wansan-gu ,Jeonju-si, Jeonbuk, Korea

Owner/Holder : Korean government


Jeonju Confucian School is known to have been built in Goryeo age and present building is told to have been established in Seonjo age of Lee dynasty. In the center of Daeseongjeon five memorial tablet of 5 saints of Confucius, Anja, Joengja, Mencius. There are five big and old ginkgo trees in Confucian School, the one in front of West gate in Confucian school is 400 years old. It is said that the meaning of planting ginkgo trees in Confucian school is for students of Confucianism to become an upright person as the ginkgo trees do not get infested with insects. One interesting fact is that the ginkgo tree on the right side of Daeseongjeon in Confucian school is called bisexual tree as "male turned into female to produce ginkgo”. Still ancestral rites is being performed, and legend says that if one supplicate wish with 250-year old ginkgo taken in front of Ilwok gate he can pass state examination.

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